Orange Fern Copywriting

Native-English Content Writing Service

I am Fay Kortleven, an author, freelance content writer, and owner of OrangeFern Copywriting. I love to create fresh and engaging Native-English content for Dutch companies and individuals who want to market their products and services to an English-speaking audience.

I love the power of words to connect people, build international communities, and open doors.

With my unique blend of international marketing experience, writing skills, and bubbly personality, I will help you get your message across.
I create engaging content to help you connect with new customers, make sales, and share your brand’s international message.

I am always interested in connecting to share a story, collaborate on a new project or work together to create compelling content for your brand.

How do I work?

You email me with a basic outline of the work you need. Then, we will work out the details over a meeting, phone call, or email. And together, we will come up with a plan and get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

It really isn’t rocket science.

Drop me a line today, and we can get started: